How do we take better creative decisions that deliver responsible and sound products or services? A creative output that is inclusive, purposeful, circular and better thought through? Products that are human-centric and sustainable; that have material and quality on the right scale? These are the challenges at the heart of the Prototypa platform.

Since the launch, Prototypa has campaigned for a transparent approach to the creative process, to the building and assessing of design, music, food, art and architecture.

At the heart of our campaign is the belief that creativity can not only be looked at through the finished product, what makes a solution great, what determines if a product fails or work, comes down to improved quality throughout the iterations. And in the end, the result is a combination of choices made along the way, and it is not just about the designer or maker but the shared experience of the output at hand.

Prototypa is about the un-glossy charm of the process and the culture of testing ideas. Yet, there are many challenges that face the creative industry: what is the purpose of creating more objects? How do we create future products without adding to the landfill? How do we build solutions that add to the restoring of our planet? Prototypa believes that many of the solutions are simple and many of the decisions that can be made are inexpensive, from flat pack to good material use, great experiences, to circular thinking. Creative methods today need to hold on to why they are unique, but also be shared with a wider public.

When addressing the role of iterations, the home of the creative process, the studio itself, serves a perfectly fitting venue for dialogue.

Guests are invited to experience the unpacking of prototyping, the theme that is preoccupying the platform since its launch in 2017. Over an hour talk, we bring together a speaker, a moderator and a group of guests to discuss ideation, iterations and some tough choices from industries of design to food. Together we dissect the process from sketch to final product and how to improve them.

Instead of a regular keynote, the Prototypa talks promise a more intimate setting, full of debate, hands-on analysis, critical thinking and inspiration.

Some of the previous discussions have seen the design chief of Scania, Kristofer Hansen expanding on the world of long-form model making in clay, while another morning session tuned in to Clara von Zweigbergk’s rapid and delicate paper-models for Danish HAY. Honest conversations from Swiss design studio BIG Game and a table full of trials from Beckmans School of Design unveiling how design decisions can be improved through physical iterations. All of this in the comfort of the studio realm, a place that brings you exclusive access to the process and in the midst of the decision making.

In 2020, the Studio of Edition of Prototypa has the ambition to be rolled out to a number of cities around the globe, with local events taking place monthly.

At larger venues, Prototypa takes to the stage for one of the platforms livelier talk formats. Asking bold questions on the future of creative making, we bring the community together for events that discuss the role of prototyping can serve.

During symposiums, conferences and exhibitions we bring international speakers with a local reach to offer an insight into the creative process. Over larger talk series, Prototypa curates and brings together voices, and panels, moderated before a display of unfinished objects. A live performance, driven by the passion of bringing creative decisions to a larger audience.

As an alternative to a traditional speaker format, Prototypa adds the physical and engaging elements to bring to life increasingly pressing matters.

Some of the previous discussions have seen product developer Tomas Howard at Teenage Engineering, unpacking the launch of a new and improved synthesiser at Somerset House at the Design Frontier exhibition in London, while Canadian designer Tom Chung discussed economic thinking with a wider audience during IIDEX Toronto. Both in the realm of the public, an open stage that opens the discussion, where everyone is welcome.

Prototypa Stage will be featured at large creative industry events in the future.

How can we develop products and services that improve our environment? Find ways to encourage people to use public water instead of plastic bottles, discover the future of material exploration, smarter packaging and distribution solutions: these will, among other urgent topics be briefed, workshopped, assessed and discussed at the Prototypa workshop across the globe.

Prototypa workshop is a bespoke offer for organisations, institutions and brands with a core focus on tailored challenges and goals.  A unique mix between speakers and participants. Over a half-day, the Prototypa team will cover relevant and distinct themes and topics, practical knowledge, as well the bigger questions. Decision-making is front and centre of the debate as well as the tasks at hand.

The workshop kicks off with a briefing session followed by the main event, the prototyping. During the course of the day, teams are supported and nourished by external experts from diverse backgrounds. Other learnings include the end-critiques, an assembly where each participant voice their ideas and how better asses them.